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For products like flowers and floral bouquets, they may not be delivered exactly as shown on the website. From our side we will try our best to deliver them a presented on the site but to due factors such as seasons and locations, we may need to make some changes in the flowers used for the arrangements. The number of substituted flowers will be same as will be the quality.

The pictures given on our website is to give you an idea about the product. The actual product may vary depending upon availability and other factors. We may have to substitute the products of similar or higher quality.

For deliveries in India, we will accept orders till 1.30 Pm (IST) of the same date.

We accept orders on all days of the year which includes Sundays and Public Holidays except in cases of courier orders that are delivered within 3-4 working days by TNT or Blue Dart.

We try our best to stick to a fixed time when it comes to delivering our products but due to various constraints it might not be possible. However, we guarantee that deliveries will reach on the date that has been mentioned. Heavy rains, strikes or any other unforeseen situation may require the rescheduling of the delivery.

When it comes to quality, we provide nothing but the best. To retain their quality flowers, cakes, and perishable products are sourced locally and are delivered by hand.

Orders that have been accepted once can’t be cancelled only if it is requested prior to 1 working day. A cancellation charge of INR 100 per order will be deducted.

In case you have any complaint it has to be registered within 7 days from the date of the delivery. If your complaint is genuine, we will definitely consider it and re-deliver the items free of charge. Deliveries at wrong address or date come under the category of genuine complaints.

If we have to re-deliver the items, it will be processed as another order and you will be charged accordingly. Please note that orders will be considered as executed if:

                Recipient is not available
                Premises are locked
                Product is delivered to gate, reception or at the house of a neighbor.
                Phone number is incorrect it is not working or reachable and subsequently delivery is not done.
                Wrong address given at the time of delivery.

Refunds will be made only under exceptional cases if we fail to make a delivery.

The costs of online transactions, services, and delivery are included in the prices of the products. The individual break-up can’t be displayed due to technical restrictions.

For occasions such as Valentine’s Day, the prices given on our website is not valid. Call us to know about the prices on special occasions and other details.


We reserve the right to refuse any order without being subject to any kind of justification.

All claims are under the jurisdiction of the Court of Kolkata in India only.

We reserve the right to change the price of any product or withdraw a certain item at any time without any prior notice.

If we can’t deliver the order, then customers will be provided with a complete refund. However, we shall not be responsible for emotional stress, losses faced or any other charges if the products are not delivered. If our delivery persons can’t locate the address that is given, we also reserve the right to call the customer at the number that has been provided to us.
All the information on the website is authentic and accurate. We have taken care to provide the current information as far as possible. But floralis.in, its employees or our affiliates will not be responsible for any losses sustained due to the information that has been unintentionally given/not given on our website.


All rights are reserved. All content on this website including text, graphics, images, and logos is the property of floralis.in or its content suppliers. It can’t be copied or reproduced without our consent in the form of a written document. Any reproduction of sorts will be treated as trademark infringement.
floralis.in also owns a copyright on this site as a collective work or compilation, and in the selection, coordination, enhancement, and arrangement of the content. Unless it is explicitly stated, you are not granted any rights. floralis.in actively and aggressively enforces its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law. The contents of this site are Copyright (c) 2005 floralis.in.


All names, logos, and pictures are the sole property of floralis.in. These trademarks may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not sold directly by floralis.in and may cause confusion among customers may discredit floralis.in in any way. Other trademarks that appear on this website that are not related to floralis.in are the property of their respective owners.

The terms and conditions provide you with a strictly revocable, non-transferable, non-exclusive, and personal license to use this website only if you adhere strictly with the terms and conditions stated herewith. The website is to be used for personal and non-commercial reasons only. Any downloads of the materials can’t be used for commercial or monetary purposes. You also can’t remove any logos, copyright, or other trademark related materials from the information downloaded by you.
Selling, publishing, deep linking, changing, copying , distributing, broadcasting, transmitting, reproducing, mirroring, licensing of any material or information from the website of floralis.in is strictly prohibited unless you possess prior written permission from the owner(s). The usage of this website will not be for unauthorized, illegal, or inconsistent purposes. Violation of this condition will lead to immediate termination of your license to use the website. We also reserve the right to revoke your license to use the information of this website at our discretion with/without any prior notice.


We value your feedback about your experiences with us and we would like you to suggest how we can serve you in an even better way. If you submit any comments, ideas, suggestions, or any other content to our websites, it will be considered as a royalty free, irrevocable, non-exclusive rights and license for floralis.in to publish, adopt, reproduce, transmit, distribute, link, use, copy or create similar content from, display internationally without prior consent or approval in any type of technology which is now known or will be developed later for the full term of rights that may be present in the content and you relinquish any claim to the contrary. You guarantee that you own and control all rights of the content that you submit on our site and the usage of your submitted content by floralis.in will not be treated as violation of policies by a third party.


You promise to protect and defend floralis.in, our employees, our affiliates, officers, directors, partners, representatives, lawyers, shareholders, servants, or any other person associated with us against any type of legal proceedings, losses, expenses, damages, injuries that relates to your usage of our website or due to violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Applicable Law

You agree to comply with all the laws of India when you visit our website. The Terms and Conditions will automatically fall under the jurisdiction of these laws. Any dispute or disagreement that arises among you and our affiliates will also be influenced by Indian laws.

Local Laws

We refuse to make statements that the products on our website are apt and available for usage in other locations, nor do we make any claims that accessing our products from places where the materials of this website are not legit, is banned. If you buy our products, then you will take sole responsibility for the purchase and agree to operate under any applicable law(s).

Important Notice to Webmasters

We have no-tolerance policy when it comes to usage of our trademarked names in metatags or via hidden text. Using trademarks of any other party will be treated as copyright infringement. The use of copyrighted terms as text on a page, hidden text, or metatags for the sole aim of getting high ranks from different search engines is unethical and it amounts to unfair competition. You can’t link our website to any other page without prior permission. Material that is not a creation of floralis.in and is originating from a third party can’t be posted on our website under any circumstances.


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